"Consuming foods is a daily necessity for all human beings.
To maintain a healthy life, it is necessary to comply with a healthy diet.
As a science based consultant it is my drive to apply sound science on nutrition in relation to health into societal solutions that are easy to comply with and provide joyful eating."

Jan de Vries


I have 30 years of experience as nutrition physiologist. As a professional I offer a flexible solution in the initiation, coordination and performance of projects with a nutritional background.

My work is characterised by commitment and involvement. To reach a result that satifies all, the project is discussed in a detailed manner to ensure there is agreement over the objectives, deliverables and project control.

When you make a request for support, expect a detailed quotation which includes the necessary activities, milestones, deliverables, cost, and scheduled invoice.

Additional expertise and/or capacity can easily be obtained from consultants of the Nutrition Consultants Cooperative. For each project I prefer to work closely with the principal to keep the project aligned with the requested outputs, especially in case intermediate results demonstrate that adaptation of the project would be required.



I am a scientist with a focus on nutrition and health and cofounder of the Nutrition Consultants Cooperative. NCC is a group of senior consultants assisting private and public organisations with their challenges related to nutrition.
In addition, I chair the Foundation Nutrition in Transition that unites nutrition scientists with other relevant science disciplines organizing discussions to improve the capability and credibility of nutrition science in the future. As a representative of the Dutch Academy of Nutrition Sciences I also contribute actively, as secretary of the Steering Committee, to the FENS working groups “Improved Standards in the Science of Nutrition”.

Since late 2015 I have been a member of the Medical Ethical Committee of the University Medical Centre Groningen. My expertise and knowledge in the science of nutrition is inquire to maintain scientific quality and integrity by reviewing the research protocols that intend to study effects of nutrition on health parameters.

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Literature studies

I use a specifically designed database to conduct systematic reviews or meta-analysis. At the end of the project, the database is your property and contains all publications part of the project. For the statistical approach in meta-analysis specific expertise will be proposed. Examples of literature assignments that resulted in publications in peer reviewed journals:

Reformulation projects

There is a decent amount of foods that could be improved with respect to their nutrition composition. This is rather relevant in the light of the decision to use the nutri-score as Front Pack Label. In the recent past I have been involved in a large reformulation project where products like fried snacks, complete meals and bakery ingredients and products have been reformulated to lower sugar, salt and/or saturated fat contents.

Advising of project portfolio

Nutrition for the elderly requires adaptation of those foods that are regularly consumed by the ageing population. The specific needs are intensively studied in several large studies, such as the European project PROMISS of which I am the ethical advisor. Combining the ethical expertise in study design and the background in nutritional needs of the elderly can be supportive for your business in elderly nutrition