volkoren en gezondheid









Literatuurstudie 2011 Volkoren en Gezondheid; uitgave van het productschap Akkerbouw (Dutch)

Project on Criteria used to validate Biomarkers (ILSI)

TNO adapting nutrient profiles; reformulation of foods (sodium, saturated fat, total fat, sugar) 


Database for systematic literature review:

With the database it is possible to systematically analyse publications on interventions studies without the risk of loosing information in the future.

The database also allows to build upon existing projects to keep pace with future developments on relevant topics











Some results of literature review projects:

Effects of cereal fiber on bowel function: A systematic review of intervention trials. Jan de Vries, Paige E Miller, Kristin Verbeke. World J Gastroenterology 2015;21:8952-8963 (DOI: 10.3748/wjg.v21.i29.8952)

Effects of Cereal, Fruit and Vegetable Fibers on Human Fecal Weight and Transit Time: A Comprehensive Review of Intervention Trials. Jan de Vries, Anne Birkett, Toine Hulshof, Kristin Verbeke, Kernon Gibes. Nutrients 2016, 8, 130 (doi:10.3390/nu8030130)

Effects of ß-fructans on Bowel Function: A systematic review and meta-analysis.