With the services of De Vries Nutrition Solutions key players in the food and nutrition domain will be able to take science based high quality decisions by:


  • Giving support to (industrial) issues and innovations in the area of nutrition and health, Supporting the identification process of the most relevant issues and innovation potentials by developing and organising brainstorms and workshops.
  • Giving support in the development of health related foods.
  • Writing of scientific papers, reports and reviews on specific nutrition related topics. Reviews on health and nutrition related topics can be conducted according to a systematic approach that can result in a scientific publication in combination with a Filemaker Pro 13 based relation database allowing for additional analyses of retrieved data from the analysed publications for the assignment.  
  • Setting up and coordinating research projects related to nutrition & health questions (for the industry: that intend to release scientific support for nutrition & health claims, including the writing of claims dossiers and giving advice on acceptable claims).
  • Developing and giving general and specific nutrition training to sales, marketing and executives